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BUS Systems Inc.

Welcome to B.U.S. Systems, Inc., home of the New Paradigm in Pallet Management!

Pallets have been a vital tool for moving products throughout the supply chain for many years. In the food and consumer products industries, the business processes that have been employed to manage pallets have not been very successful. Most companies have struggled with the high costs and high hassle factors associated with the traditional exchange programs and the newer rental programs.

An alternative process that eliminates the hassles and delivers dramatic cost savings is *B.U.S.sm, the “Buy/Use/Sell” Pallet Management Process!
is a new concept for managing pallets as product moves between trading partner companies, that results in a win-win relationship for both trading partners involved and their trucking companies. B.U.S. eliminates pallet exchange without the high cost and hassle factors associated with rental programs, and creates an environment that delivers additional benefits as well.
If your current pallet management program is a concern, then it’s time to

“Get on the B.U.S.!”

Contact Information:
B.U.S. Systems, Inc.
9018 Bentley Lane
Spring Grove, IL 60081

Phone: 815-675-9612

*Patent Pending


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